Woodhouse PB

Different materials may be preferred for the construction of houses due to various reasons. The personality of the individual usually has a big role to play in this selection. The amount of money they are willing to spend, the location of the building and the uses the building will be put to also have a great impact on the building materials. The following are some of the reasons individuals will use timber frames. 


In most states, timber is cheaper than the bricks used for construction. The budget an individual has will depend on their levels of income and their location. Therefore, if the person has high proximity to the building timber frames, they may prefer using it as it will be cheaper than procuring the other materials from far away.


The speed of constructing a building is higher when using timber than when using bricks. This is because timber does not require time for cement to dry up. The construction can take place continuously. This will save the owner a lot of time. Despite this it is important to establish compliance with the laws and regulations. This may be done by use of scaffold inspection training stipulations as to the compliance levels for such buildings.

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Different designs will have different visual implications. A well designed and constructed wooden house is very beautiful. The design should be in such a way that the house is easy to construct but at the same time meets the expectations of the owner. The design may be done by the owner or by a specialist hired specifically for that purpose. The beauty may be enhanced by the decorations used, the paint and the surrounding compound.

Environmental issues

Building your house using timber has less destructive effects to the environment than the use of blocks or bricks for your house. First, the timber used is a renewable material thus its exhaustion is unlikely. However legislation on cutting down timber should be complied with to maintain the forest cover in a state. Most people consider timber buildings to be some form of green constructions and thus their preference.

Before you jump at the nearest opportunity of using timber, the following demerits should also be considered


There are insects and pests that feed on timber. Special treatment must be done to the wood to make it repel the pests and insects. Otherwise, the house will be destroyed within a matter of years. This may present real challenges to the family as the house will require extensive repairs or total reconstruction. This is an extra expense to the family.


Timber is highly flammable and thus, it is easy to burn down a house made of timber. Those living in timber houses should be very careful when dealing with fire. Some chemicals may be added on to the timber frames to enhance fire resistance. However it is highly advisable to avoid excessive heat or fire in the house.


Timber is subject to rot in its advanced age. This may be accelerated by continuous exposure to moisture or certain substances. Therefore, substances or chemicals that protect the timber form rotting should be applied early enough. Exposure to excessive moisture should also be avoided.

Weigh the benefits and the demerits before you settle down on timber or any other form of construction. It is wise to consider the area where the house will be situated. At the end of the day, the owner should get what he or she needs.