About Us

We appreciate your interest in Woodhouse! I hope you will enjoy your tour and e-mail or speak to one of us personally about your new home project.

One of the great joys I derive from working at Woodhouse is the relationship we establish with our clients through the creation of the work of art that we call a custom timber frame home. It is because of our wonderful clients (and fantastic timber framed homes) that our work is so gratifying.

I want you to know that everyone at Woodhouse is committed to being exceptionally responsive to your needs and concerns, and that we all are dedicated to providing you with the utmost level of satisfaction possible in the home building industry through the delivery of the most professional custom timber frame home package design service, the finest building materials and the best crafted timber frame homes available.

Woodhouse has always been the first to offer the best – and we are only improving upon this standard. I look forward to being at your service.