Woodhouse materials and services offered for commercial projects:

  • Design and engineering – Coordination with architect or engineer licensed in the project location.
  • Labor services – specific to timber frame and heavy timber construction in conjunction with installation of structural foam-core insulating panels (SIPs).
  • Traditional timber frames – traditional fully joined, wooden pegged connections.
  • Steel connected heavy timbers – hidden slot mortised steel connectors or exposed decorative and structural steel connectors.
  • Wide choice of wood species.
  • Enclosure materials – structural foam-core insulating panels (SIPs).

timber frame


Woodhouse’s program for INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVES offers building professionals the opportunity to exclusively represent Woodhouse within a specific territory. This opportunity is for individuals and/or companies wanting to represent Woodhouse on a full-time basis. Prospective Independent Sales Representatives are required to have experience in construction and/or related areas of endeavor, complete an extensive written application and submit a business plan in conjunction with personal interviews with key Woodhouse management personnel. Independent Sales Representatives receive comprehensive and periodic training in all aspects of Woodhouse products and services.

If you have an interest in discovering 

Commercial and Residential Construction is important to Woodhouse.

Architects, engineers, builders and developers are encouraged to consider Woodhouse for their projects.

While Woodhouse has crafted hundreds upon hundreds of homes and additions, we have also been involved with dozens of commercial projects. Included are restaurants, retail establishments, churches and chapels, a synagogue, a 178′ long covered bridge, museum buildings, historical restorations, ski lodges, pool enclosures, stables, barns and more.

Woodhouse has the staff and resources to deliver large or small projects on time and with the highest quality product.

We will interface with your project at any point. Our experience with design and engineering makes Woodhouse a valuable asset to any project involving exposed timber construction.
While we prefer to be involved at the concept stage to better integrate our building systems, we will be pleased to review and advise you on any project compatible with our services and materials.